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Please make a donation TODAY. YOU can make the difference and give Maya a fighting chance. Donating is quick and simple and you can choose to pay online, at your local HSBC bank, or by post.

Making a donation online
You can make a donation online TODAY towards The Maya Community Appeal.

Donations are taken safely and securely via PayPal. Using PayPal is simple and only takes a few moments of your time.

You can make a difference by donating NOW!
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Making a donation at your local HSBC bank
You can make a donation to help Maya by going into any branch of HSBC and asking to pay money into:
The Maya Community Appeal
Account number: 61659812
Sort code: 403904
If you have any problems, mention the name Steven Skippen and bank staff will be able to pull up his details.

For companies needing a charity number, we have been given permission by The Joshua Foundation, but you MUST mention Maya Perrin Shippen when making your donation otherwise monies will not be redirected to the Maya Community Appeal.

To make a donation call Sarah Cornelius or Lynda on 02920 756675 TODAY.

You can contact Steven for more details at steventashap@aol.com.

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